The Adam Quest

the adam questMY TAKE: Did you ever wonder what goes on inside the mind of today’s leading edge Christian scientists? Do you love a good story, enjoy biography, and find yourself mesmerized by the way God speaks to people differently? Then The Adam Quest is a book for you.

Author Tim Stafford, senior writer for Christianity Today (and not a scientist), captures the stories of eleven scientists who grapple with faith and the mystery of human origins. These men and women are from various persuasions between young earth creationists to Christian evolutionists. I found it an interesting read that challenged me to think outside the box, or at least peer over the wall, as I listened to the thought processes and testimonies of some very intelligent people who have come to different conclusions than myself and each other yet remain open to new discoveries that may change their mind. This, after all, is what science is all about, isn’t it? My take away: faith grows bright in an atmosphere of mystery.


This book was provided for me by BookLookBloggers for the purpose of this review.
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