Archaeological Study Bible

A Truly Great Publishing Event!

“I have been using the New King James Bible since 1984, but prior had bought an NIV published by Zondervan back in the early 1980’s that was called the NIV Pictorial Bible. Have searched many times unsuccessfully to find a newer copy, since my original is pretty beaten up.

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Coming upon this new Archaeological Study Bible by Zondervan in NIV I could hardly believe my eyes. Finally this was the bible I had been seaching for, but this copy is a vast improvement over the older NIV Pictorial Bible. Where the old Pictorial, for example, had 1266 pages, this newer Bible has 2306.

I differ from several reviewers in that I am now using this Bible as my main, daily study Bible. Yes, the print is small, but even at 62 years of age and retired, I can handle that without difficulty. Plus the added feature of the CD-ROM included with this Bible allows one to load it into the computer to read off-line when desired. Thank you Zondervan, a very nice added feature to this Bible.

Since I purchased a black, top grain leather covered Bible, the only smell I receive is one of newness, and leather. Possibly the glue on the bonded or lesser copies accounts for that. But since I will be using the Bible as an everyday one, I opted for the leather. When active in ministry I had a few bonded leather copies, and they just don’t hold up. I have found through experience the full leather is the best for my use.

I could not be happier with this Bible. And though it is termed an “archaeological” Bible, it is much, much more than that. While it does offer archaeological information, it equally offers social, historical, and cultural as well. This is the best well rounded Bible I have ever seen.

If you are seeking a very exceptional Bible, I would suggest you at least look this one over. “(Amazon Reviewer)

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