This Chosen Fast

“This Chosen Fast” by author Matt Madigan is a very personal but scriptural account of the importance of prayer and fasting for a man and his family who are living on the edge for God. Matt Madigan is a man of prayer who is passionate for the local church but just as passionate for missions and the big picture need for revival and transformation both for the broader church and the nation. Matt is a very skilled writer and his book has this sense of bringing you on this exciting journey to meet a prayer answering God who is more than willing to hear the voice of his people and answer their heartfelt prayers. Mixing prayer and fasting together is like mixing nitroglycerine and lighting the fuse. Matt Madigan’s book shows us how to light the fuse of faith and how prayer and fasting is powerful tool for those who long for a spiritual break-thru. “This Chosen Fast” is more than worth the read. (Warwick Marsh, Amazon Reviewer)

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Christin Book ReviewMatt Madigan is a super-charged, fast paced Jesus chaser. He tells a good story, and continues to live it (he and his family are planting a church at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia.)  “This Chosen Fast” is a high adrenalin account of a life lived full throttle on a good picture of what a forty day fast looks like in the 21st century.

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