The Divine Conspiracy

Christian Book ReviewMy Take: Arguably the best treatment of the Sermon on the Mount and the Kingdom of God ever published.

Dallas Willard hit it out of the park with this one. Warning: this is solid Biblical exegesis and will put meat on your bones. Don’t read it if you are not ready to be challenged in your thinking!  Having said that, I think very Christian needs to read this. The content covered is just too crucial to let slide.

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  “A masterpiece and a wonder. The book I have been searching for all my life.” (Richard Foster)


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During my apologetics class, professor J.P. Moreland said that we (his students) MUST check out this book. Richard Foster (author of Celebration of Discipline) calls it “the book I have been searching for all my life” (makes it sound like the “silver bullet book”). I found Divine Conspiracy to definitely live up to this hype.

The title refers to God’s conspiracy to undermine evil with good. Among other things, Willard discusses the fundamental problem of non-discipleship in the church, what it looks like to be Christlike (with an excellent exposition of the beatitudes and sermon on the mount), what it looks like to be a disciple of Christ, how to become disciples of Jesus and how to make disciples of Jesus.

Prior to reading the book, I thought I was well on my way towards becoming a mature disciple of Christ. After reading it, I’ve discovered that I’m nowhere close to where I thought I was. I realized that I have a real long way to go to becoming the kind of person who is so secure that I don’t seek to find faults and weaknesses with people.

I also have gained tremendous new insight into how I can more effectively make disciples and how local churches could do the same.

The Divine Conspiracy is a comprehensive, practical, meaty, challenging, and extremely helpful book which I pray will be widely read. (JCC, Amazon Reviewer)

Get The Divine Conspiracy on Kindle for $6.99

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