Epic by John Eldridge

John Eldredge begins this book with a quote from Chesterton: “I had always felt life first as a story–and if there is a story there is a story teller.” With that as the backdrop, Eldredge claims that far too many Christians have lost their story, lost the narrative that gives meaning and purpose to their lives – and without the storyline, they are relegated to a role behind stage, out of the limelight of life, destined for insignificance and mediocrity. Eldredge claims that a life of mediocrity is not why God sent His only Son to die for mankind – there must be something more…there is something more!

In a book that feels like you’re reading The Chronicles of Narnia, The Epic is a dive into the land of enchantment and mystery where there is a battle and you are a warrior. Eldredge paints the picture for the reader that the great cosmic struggle of the day is actually centered around each person – a battle for their heart and their mind – and, claims Eldredge, too many followers of Christ are relegated to sitting on the sidelines watching as others engage for the cause of Christ. For John Eldredge, the sidelines of life might was well be hell itself – clearly no place for the follower of Jesus Christ, a man of passion, a man of purpose, a man whose life bubbled over with meaning and transcendence – and if He is our model, what should the life of those who claim to be His follower look like? Nothing less, says Eldredge.

The Epic is a great read, very encouraging and powerful, but not for the faint of heart and not for the theologian looking for a biblical discourse on a particular doctrine – it is a book from the heart for the heart.  (Dan Panetti, Amazon Review)

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