ESV Study Bible

“The Most Non-Denominational Study Bible I Have Ever Seen”

I just recieved my pre-order copies yesterday and am already devouring it. The detail and richness of notes is exceptional. Unlike other Study Bibles its depth is incredible, including whole articles regarding ethics, theology, and on and on.

What I enjoy most of all is the non-dogmatic nature of the notes.

  ESV Study Bible On Kindle: $10.79
This is the most non-denominational study bible I’ve ever seen. It presents the reader with multiple points of view and allows you to decide for yourself based on the Word, rather than simply stating matter-of-factly “this is what it means”.

The end result is that you spend more time in engaged thinking and less time in confused questioning. A good example is Revelations, if you have a Scofield Study Bible you get the dispensational point of view… I grew up not knowing there were other points of view.

The ESV is a wonderful translation and the Study Bible combines a whole research library into a single (massive) volume.

I have both the hardbound and leatherbound edition, both are beautiful with high grade paper. I expected the hardbound edition to have inferior paper quality, but was surprised that it does not.

This is an excellent tool, and given the quantity and quality of the content, its an exceptional value. The best buy might be to buy the hardbound copy with a bible cover that has handles… this thing is heavy! “(B. Rockwood, Amazon Reviewer)

  ESV Study Bible On Kindle: $10.79

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