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John Ortberg is smooth as silk as he relates the timeless truth that saints of all ages have discovered: God is all around us and is speaking to us even when we don’t hear Him. I read this book at a time when my soul was dry and needed refreshment. It hit the spot!

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John Ortberg

More than any Christian book I’ve read since CS Lewis, this book is applicable to my real life — not the life I’m supposed to have or wish I had, but the life I really have, where I get impatient on the highway or completely forget to think about God for hours at a time. Ortberg’s book weaves contemporary references (The Princess Bride and Monty Python) with solid scriptural analysis and his own experience to provide many ways to understand how close we are to God. While reading it I found myself thinking in new ways about God’s presence — at work, in my relationships — and I have even seen results in my own life. This book is not the usual “take two quiet times and call me in the morning” pastoral prescriptive.” (Susan, Amazon Reviewer)

Upon a recommendation from my pastor, I picked this book up and I was not disappointed. John Ortberg writes with a Max Lucado approach. Taking everyday things and making us realize that they too have a place in our spritual walk. He challenges us to look for God in everyday occurences. His premise, as indicated by the title, is that God is more active in our everyday walk than we give Him credit for. In turn, he challenges us to do our part in praying that God bring His Kingdom to earth. (Gary Turner, Amazon Reviewer)
Get God Is Closer Than You Think for $5.12

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