God and Government

charles colson god and governmentMY TAKE: Formerly titled “Kingdom’s In Conflict,” this is the most balanced book I have read on the relationship of church and state. Another great read form one of the best Christian thinkers of our era. Charles Colson speaks with authority and this book is loaded with a boatload of great historical examples. In my opinion this is must reading for every¬† Christian.

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charles colson

Chuck Colson brings to this book his wealth of experience, passion and intellect. Having lived his life in both “kingdoms” — the secular state as well as in ministry — Colson sheds much needed light and balance into the conflict between the role of the church in the world of the state.

What Colson does most strikingly in this work is call for a measured, authentic Christianity by those who most want to affect society for Christ. Is there a role for Christians in government? Colson argues yes. Is goverment the solution to the world’s problems? Colson agrues no, or at least not entirely.

Intellectual, yet readable, Kingdoms in Conflict is one of the best books I’ve ever read. Published in the late 1980’s (at the height of the Moral Majority movement) it is still highly relevant to anyone seeking a cogent analysis of American politics today and the part Christians have in it and out of it as we seek to affect our world. (Brad Peters, Amazon Reviewer)


Get “God and Government” on Kindle

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