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MY TAKE: A Good Calibrating Read for Driven World Changers.

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sarah cunningham

Author Sarah Cunningham

From the first paragraph to the last, “The Well Balanced World Changer: A Field Guide For Staying Sane While Doing Good” seeks to challenge and encourage the busy, multitasking, driven individual to GET REAL, DIG IN, and BE SMART. This book is one big pep-talk on taking inventory of your life and making important changes that will help you work more effective and finish the race. I like Sarah Cunningham‘s style. She reminds me a bit of Seth Godin. Punchy, tenacious and guru-like, she cuts to the chase and leaves you smarting and smiling. Here is a sampling:

Lighthouses plant themselves in a community and give off light. And all who want to benefit from their light are welcome to. But if someone decides they’d like to go off pontooning in murky, choppy waters, damaging their vessel the whole way? The lighthouse just keeps standing there, shining.

This book encourages us to shine and not burn out in our desire and passion to lease and help others. A good, calibrating read!


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