You’ll Get Through This by Max Lucado

you'll get through this lucadoMy Take: Lucado + Joseph = Classic on Triumph Through Suffering

What do you get when you cross Max Lucado with the Biblical story of Joseph? You get a Christ centered, metaphor laced, inspiring, challenging and easy to read expose’ of triumph in the midst of suffering. I don’t live in San Antonio and don’t get to hear Max Lucado preach every Sunday. But if this book is any indication, those who do have that privilege are blessed indeed. The very first book I read by this author was “No Wonder They Call Him The Savior” (1986). It has remained, through the years, a personal favorite. My wife and I were missionaries in Hong Kong at the time and we bought a dozen copies to send and give to friends all over the world. Twenty seven years later, Lucado is still at the top of his game, delivering crisp metaphors, powerful illustrations, excellent Biblical exposition and truckloads of pastoral encouragement.

“You’ll Get Through This” NOT “You’ll Escape This”max lucado

There are those Christians today who hold to the line of thought that if you are walking close to the Lord and demonstrating strong faith, you will escape suffering. I once heard a super-faith preacher exclaim, referring to faith that can remove mountains: “Valley of the shadow of death? Get rid of the mountains and there will be no more valley!” For this kind of thinking, the goal of the Christian faith is to eliminate suffering. In this book, Max Lucado makes it clear that the goal of the Christian faith is to lean into Jesus, developing a personal, intimate, dynamic relationship that grows with everything that comes our way, good as well as bad. In “You’ll Get Through This” Max Lucado finds the right balance. We do not rejoice because we suffer, we do not rejoice because we stop suffering, we rejoice because HE walks with us and works out His purpose in our lives—rain or shine.

For those who have not developed a theology of suffering, this is a perfect place to start. Using the practical example of Joseph and others, Lucado presents the Biblical view: suffering and persecution can and will happen. But God  goes with us through it and will bring us through in flying colors if we will but trust Him.

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You’ll Get Through This” by Max Lucado is a great read for anyone needing encouragement to persevere through the challenges they are currently experiencing. Using the Old Testament story of Joseph as a biblical basis, Lucado shares many important points, some of which are:

1. Be careful of short-term thinking – your struggles will not last forever, but you will. You still have your destiny. 2. You will never go where God is not and He is near whether you are happy or not. 3. God uses everything for His glory and our ultimate approval. 4. Don’t make matters worse by doing something you’ll later regret. 5. Instead of trying to please others, focus on doing what pleases God (I say “Amen” to that!). 6. See your troubles as something God uses to develop our character and maturity for His glory. 7. While you wait, God works on your behalf. Waiting is sustained effort focused on God through prayer and belief (Being in-between regular full-time jobs, I can especially relate to this as I work part-time and continue to look for a regular full-time job). 8. We can either choose to trust God or turn away from Him. 9. While proud people are seldom grateful, grateful people people see every day as a gift from God. 10. Trust God to take of you.

As with other Lucado titles, you will be encouraged and challenged to focus on God instead of yourself and your problems. At the risk of sounding trite or uncaring, our problems really do pale in comparison to our destiny with Jesus Christ in eternity (for those who know Him as Savior and Lord).

Highly recommended.” (Michael Taylor, Amazon Reviewer)


Buy You’ll Get Through This on Kindle

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