The Question That Never Goes Away

Christian Book Review MY TAKE: Once again, Yancey shows me why he is one of my favorite authors of all time. His penchant for thorough research and his gift for navigating difficult theological terrain is second to none. If you liked “Where Is God When It Hurts” and “Disappointment With God,” you will love this book. It takes off where they left off, tackling the issue of suffering in light of recent world tragedies. The stories and the prophetic insight are riveting.The research is top notch. Yancey once again shows why he has won so many awards for his journalism and writing.

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Tears rolled down my face as I read the book I am thankful Yancey honestly presents his thoughts on such a painful topic. So many Christians hide or try to cover over the why of suffering. We become fake hollow beings when we try and overlook the pain around us. I cannot add my thoughts right now on this recent book as I must think on what Yancey so eloquently put into words. I have read all of his books; but somehow over looked Prayer-does it make any difference. I recently came upon it and I am reading it now for a second time. It has changed the way I think about God and prayer. I am overwhelmed by the power of Yancey’s insights into God. Thank you Philip Yancey for sharing your thoughts. You have led me to new places and blessed my life. ( my family and I were missionaries for 18 years) I have known suffering and I also know great joy. I yearn to know the infinite God more. I always get a little closer to God after reading Yancey’s books. (M. June Eberle, Amazon Reviewer)


Get “The Question That Never Goes Away”  on Kindle

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