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Christian Book ReviewMy Take: Good Things Come In Small Packages

This is a true saying for this book as well as for our lives. Like pixels on a high resolution photograph, our stories, one by one, tie into the overarching story of God in Christ Jesus. We are a part of His Story. In”Tell Me A Story” Scott McClellen encourages us to enjoy the ride, and to faithfully bear witness to what we see and hear and experience in Christ. This little book is a treasure, a “message in a bottle” washed up from the shore of a post modern world. Here is just one of many thoughts that gripped my heart, a quote from Frederick Buechner:

“The task of the preacher is to hold up life to us. by whatever gifts he or she has of imagination, eloquence, simple candor, to create images of life through which we can somehow see into the wordless truth of our lives” Scott then follows with this this thought: “He was writing to preachers, but don’t let that scare you. A preacher is just someone who is called to do for a living what we’re all called to do with our lives–be a a storyteller; be a witness.”

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Tell Me a Story reminds us to look back – where have we been? What twists and turns has our story taken? What moments can we point to that brought us here, carved our path, and shaped our worldview? What hurts need healing – what memories need retelling. Where do I see signposts of God’s faithfulness and love? (Jen, Amazon Reviewer)
I would encourage you to read this book, on purpose, so that you can, as the author says; Be mindful of the story you find yourself in and tell it with conviction. This book would also be a wonderful help for any of you writers out there, to encourage you as you tell your “stories” on paper.
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