Tiastasia’s Food Memoirs

Christian Book ReviewMy Take: A Reminder That Good Food and Memories Go Together

Tiastasia’s Food Memoirs is a unique collection of recipes gathered from around the world. But it is much more than that. Laced with real life experiences as a missionary mom, it inspired and entertained me—causing me to see other cultures in a new light. I really enjoyed the stories and anecdotes. This book is good, inspirational read from someone who has a passion for life, a gift of hospitality and a dedication to meet the needs of others. For me, it served as a reminder that good food and hospitality are central to good times—and lasting memories.

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“Most of our earliest memories can be grounded in family and food: loved ones gathered around the kitchen while grandma cooks up her famous fried chicken or tacos, little ones sneaking spoonfuls of cake batter while momma’s back is turned. Almost everyone can recall a favorite food memory from their childhood.

Here I have collected recipes from all over the world– from my international adventures while serving as a missionary mom– that we as a family have thoroughly enjoyed. Some of these have been handed down from grandmas from such places as Mexico and Korea. Some of the recipes are from dear friends, but the majority of them are the result of me just fiddling with ingredients and making something yummy with ingredients that we as a family enjoy.

My hope for this book is to bring to your table some of the culinary delights from places you may never be able to go. We enjoy cooking together and making memories in our kitchen. I hope and pray that you have those times with your loved ones as well.” (Author, From Introduction)

This is a scrumptious collection of recipes from around the world, sprinkled with a bit of food history, cultural anecdotes, and stories of real life on the mission field. From the Philippine jungles to the poorest villages of Mexico, Stasia shares from her heart beautiful and godly lessons about grace, humility and hospitality. I highly recommend this book not only for its wealth of recipes (she includes recipes for baked goods, desserts, appetizers, soups and salads, entres, beverages, and breakfast foods), but for the faith she shares, inspiring one to trust God and His “small voice” as He leads and teaches each of His children, no matter on what mission field they find themselves. (HarpBird, Amazon Review)


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