Total Truth: Liberating Christianity From Cultural Captivity

Total Truth: Liberating Christianity From Cultural Captivity

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I couldn’t put Total Truth down.It transformed my thinking and fine tuned my understanding of Biblical Christian worldview. Once an agnostic, Pearcey studied violin in Heidelberg, Germany and in the early 1970s went to Switzerland to study Christian worldview under Francis Schaeffer at L’Abri Fellowship. She co-authored “How Now Shall We Live” with Charles Colson. In 2005, Total Truth earned the ECPA Gold Medallion Award in the Christianity & Society category, in addition to an Award of Merit in the Christianity Today book awards. Total Truth takes up where “How Now Shall We Live” left off. Excellent work.
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Total Truth Book Review

Nancy Pearcey’s Total Truth explains the essence of Christian worldview. While many scholars, including Francis Schaeffer, have extensively discoursed on worldviews, Pearcey communicates these lofty thoughts in an understandable manner. Total Truth is a must read.

Using a plethora of external sources, Pearcey dissects the philosophy of modern society. She starts with the fact/value split in society, showing how our society constrains religion to the relativistic values realm while society deems science the only realm that universal absolutes can exist. Our society allows for religion and its moral implications provided that the religious do not impose their morality on others as universally valid. We have created a sacred/secular dichotomy that restricts Christianity to the realm of religious truth. Christianity must be viewed as ultimate Truth that pervades every part of our life.

She delves deeper into the meaning of worldview. She explains, “[E]ach of us carries a model of the universe inside our heads that tells us what the world is like and how we should live in it. We all seek to make sense of life. Some convictions are conscious, while others are unconscious, but together they form a more or less consistent picture of reality.” In essence, a worldview answers the question, “Why does reality exist?”

Pearcey also tackles the most pervasive worldview in society, philosophical naturalism, which is an extension of atheism. After explicating the biological impossibility of evolution, she explores the philosophical implications of naturalism. From a naturalistic standpoint, the chemical processes in our minds should not reflect the order of the universe. For example, math, which is a conjuring of the human mind, should not function in nature. Naturalism has no rational explanation for reason or logic. Pearcey also notes, “[E]thics depends on the reality of something that materialistic science has declared to be unreal.”

After eliminating other worldviews as antithetical to reality, Pearcey traces the roots of Christianity, identifying the fact/value split in even the Great Awakening. She concludes with a call to Christians: we must “liberate Christianity from its cultural captivity,” because Christianity is a worldview, not just a religion.

A necessary for every Christian, philosopher, and inquisitive mind, Total Truth should be on every bookshelf.”  (Jonathan Krive, Amazon Reviewer)


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