The One Year Book of Amish Peace

one year book of Amish peaceMY TAKE: A Celebration of Simplicity. The Amish are an intentionally simple people. The build their lives around rhythms of grace, marked by days, weeks and seasons, and disciplines that effect every area of life. In this remarkable devotional, author Tricia Goyer sets out to draw the reader into the Amish world.  A world class blogger and author of over 35 books and nominated for the coveted Gold Medallion Book Award, Goyer is an accomplished writer and much more. Her ability to research and organize and keep things clear and simple pays off with this gem.

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The One Year Book of Amish Peace: Hearing God’s Voice In The Simple Things informs with Amish facts, sets the table for devotions with a daily supplement of scripture, Amish proverbs, and an appropriate application, followed by a simple Amish prayer. But that’s not all! Included are recipes, Amish family values and community disciplines.

I highly recommend this little book for anyone who is interested in finding out more about the Amish and for those interested in celebrating simplicity.

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Tricia has been one of my favorite authors from the last three or four years! Earlier this year I read her book, Lead Your Family Like Jesus and it has been life-changing for me on my journey as a Christian mom. I have particularly loved her Amish fiction books, and was super excited this week to receive a signed copy of The One Year Book of Amish Peace, directly from Ms. Goyer.

The devotional is a perfect Christmas gift for any person in your life that loves the genre of Amish Fiction, or who wants to incorporate some of the Amish Lifestyle in the busyness of today’s modern world. Goyer did a great job at making the devotionals easy to read, beautifully organized, life applicable verses, and stunning prayers. A stunning devotional that I know I will use for many years to come!

I highly recommend this book and give it a huge thumbs up! (Shirley Rempel, Amazon Reviewer)

Get the One Year Book of Amish Peace on Kindle




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